4 Best Practices for Singles

Of all my years, I can condense them into four lessons, or as my title puts it – four best practices to follow to help ease the sting of singleness:

He is Risen | Easter Weekend 2019

The cross is not just a one way street though. Some people hear this and think “oh, I am good. I don’t have to do anything.” But the truth is the Cross is a two way street. Jesus took the first step (actually it was more like a giant leap 99.99% towards us). Now we need to decide what to do with the 0.01% of the way left, but it is so important! God has given us the chance to choice for ourselves. So what are you going to do?

Day 7 | The Truth That Sets You Free

How do we know this is true? Just go to the gospels and read the life of Jesus! How many times did he use Old Testament scripture to combat the lies and manipulation of the Pharisees and even Satan himself? Pretty much every single day, every single hour! God’s Word sets us free!