My Kind of Magic

“Eyes wide with intense sparkle between the different blues circling the iris. They soaked up the stacks and stacks of books that hit her eyes as soon as she walked through the  mangled looking front door. The carpet had seen better days as the greens and navy blue stripes spoke lovingly of the feet which had strolled up and down the aisles, slowly, intimately as the hands attached to those feet explored the bindings and pages of the books on the shelves. She took a cautionary step further into the store, tilting her head back so she could see the top of the shelves. Her hands extended to the spines as if a magnet were between them. “

Following God’s Still Small Voice

To say that I am great at following God’s instructions would be a massive lie. To say that my stubborn and bull-headedness has brought me trials I would have avoided if I had just listened would be the biggest truth I can confess. Life is our path–our journey–but along the way there are moments of torment, of turmoil, and of transparency.  

Family Photos Don’t Have to be an Extra Stress

After working 5 years now with photographing families, I have realized that sometimes people need some tips organizing themselves, especially if they are a big family. So I have pulled the knowledge I have learned over the years into 5 simple tips that will get you rolling on your family pictures. This are broad tips, because the specific details are different from photographer to photographer, so don’t be afraid to ask for specifics. Want my specifics? Comment at the bottom with your email for me.