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Growing Up’s No Fairytale Exerpt

Volume 1 | $14.99

When we entered the building students were cycling in two different directions. Some of them were going to the left and sitting down along the walls of a hallway with lockers. Others were going to the right and into the massive commons with built in wide, carpet stairs. Students were clumped all over, enthusiastically chatting away about the summer and what classes they had for the school year. My anxiety went into overload as my eyes scanned the commons for our other friend Rae.

“Do you see Rae?” I asked Sadie, looking over where my best friend was standing, but she was gone.

I went into full panic mode, frozen in my spot as other students ran into me. My eyes darting everywhere, hoping to see the bobbing head of my blonde friend. Finally when my survival instincts kicked in, I was about to turn and run for the door when someone grabbed my arm. I turned to see a familiar face smiling at me. My anxiety subsided a bit and a goofy smile crossed my face—Owen.

The Shadows

Volume 2: Details Coming Soon!

See I was born with this gift. Well, I guess you can call it that. Sometimes it feels like a curse. I have this tendency to move things with my mind and read thoughts. I started hearing thoughts when I was 13. They said when I hit puberty things would change and boy did they.

Then when I turned 15, a pen moved toward me on the kitchen counter. I didn’t think much of it, but then in gym class, I actually made a basket. No, not because I have some hidden talent, but because of a whisper to the ball under my breath of “go left.” Guess what? The ball went left.

And no I didn’t decide to go out for basketball because of my new found power or any sport for that matter.

You also probably wonder if I told my parents. Tell my OCD dad and my safety-neurotic mom that I have magical powers?



Not in a million years.