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It’s funny how we try and carve out pieces of history to put on display— trying to capture what happened in all the dusty, muddy details. I wonder how our ancestors would feel. Would they feel proud we are trying to keep history alive? Validated their lives are on display? Or disappointed that we are focusing on the past instead of forging our own paths?

“Jessica!” a frustrated friend grabbed my attention, “Come on! We have to finish the museum assignment! Stop staring at a bucket and brick wall! Move on!”

I chuckled. ‘Move on.’ Interesting advice.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, this story is supposed to be a thinker, but it does NOT mean I personally believe that we shouldn’t learn from history. Sometimes I just think we focus too much on the past where we forget to apply the lessons we learn to fixing the present. Make sense?

Word Count: 97

This is a Friday Fictioneer piece where your challenge is to create a story in 100 words or less. If you want to participate go to www.rochellewisoff.com for details!

13 Thoughts

  1. Now I want to know what history is captured by a bucket and a brick wall. It’s important we learn that lesson so as not to repeat the mistake. All the fun seems to be indoors


  2. I think it’s a balancing act between the two, remembering our past while looking forward, using those lessons from history to try and do better – although invariably we seem to make the same mistakes!

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  3. Thought-provoking indeed, Ashley. I’m with you the human race is so stuck in the past and is too blind to see the damage it is doing the fact that there will be no future if it doesn’t change in a hurry. Good post!

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  4. Yes, I think reflecting on the past is only really useful if we learn the lessons. And the world doesn’t seem to be too good at that. Thanks for this thought-provoking piece.

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  5. Great piece, A. No question we use the past for our own ends, many times for our own ends, sometimes to the detriment of the present. Time to “move on!” from such “trappings” of history.

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  6. It is indeed a thought provoking piece. I like your character, a lot like me. I do think too much about the past, instead of learning the lesson and using the wisdom to move forward in a better, healthier way. Well done!

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