“Where are we going?” an eleven year old girl questioned as she followed her 6 year old brother to the basement.

“You know that locked door mom said never to go into too?” he asked his sister.

She stopped in her tracks, “Yes. Nick what are you up to?”

He let out a frustrated grunt as he grabbed for the locked doorknob, “Avery, you just need to see this!”

Before she could stop him, he opened what should have been a locked door and waltzed inside. She peeked in to see something very strange – a vintage clawfoot bathtub.

“I don’t get it.”

Nick rolled his eyes and jumped into the tub, disappearing from sight. Panicked, Avery dove head first, screaming Nick’s name. In a blink of an eye, Avery dropped down on her butt next to her younger brother in a sea of monster size flowers.

“Welcome to Wonderland!” Nick excitedly announced, “Well, I think it is wonderland.”

“We went through a portal in a tub?”


“Why is there a magic portal in the bathtub?” Avery yelled.

Nick just shrugged and started walking down the path, leaving Avery shocked and confused…

Word Count: 143

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