Women of the Bible – Martha and Mary

Transcription from Podcast Episode with Edits:

Today we are going to get in to our message, and we’re going to talk about two different women today. And their names are Martha and Mary. Now Martha and Mary are during the New Testament, which we haven’t talked about many New Testament women yet so these are the two that we’re going to be talking about and they come from Luke chapter 10 Verse 38 through 42:

“As Jesus and his disciples were on their way. He came to a village where a woman named Martha went to her house to him. She had a sister called Mary who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said. But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to him and asked, Lord. Don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself. Tell her to help me. Martha, Martha, The Lord answered, You are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed, or indeed. Only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

And that is the NIV version, so if you are following along and have a different version, it might have been slightly different. So we have these two sisters, and Jesus comes into their home. One is like doing all this work preparing food as an excellent hostess. The other one is literally just sitting at his feet. And as I was thinking about these two women, I kind of characterize them because I’m a writer, so characterizations a massive thing in my head. They are very much the typical older sibling/younger sibling dynamic. So Martha is the older sibling, and she’s very responsible. She’s a perfectionist; she’s a hostess. She pretty much has this kind of OCD thing going on, and she is kind of frustrated by her younger sibling.

Now, if you are an older sibling, you can probably agree with her. I am an older sibling. I am right there with her regarding the older sibling syndrome or whatever you want to call it.

And then you have Mary, who is very much the younger sister. When you think about who she is compared to Martha, she’s probably more reckless, more irresponsible, and goes with the flow a little more. She doesn’t worry about every single little thing, worrying about every perfection that needs to happen; she is present in the moment. Martha is thinking ahead very much in the future. Mary is very much present and in the moment, which I think is very important for us to realize, with Martha and Mary, because here’s the thing – Jesus calls Martha out.

Before we talk about Jesus Calling Martha out, these reactions are very typical for these personalities; when you have personality types like this, you see these responses. You will see butting of heads with siblings who are worried about fairness. “Why isn’t she helping me?” This is a common question with siblings. I can tell you multiple moments where I had this issue with my sibling, where I felt like I was doing all the work, and he was just sitting by playing video games. And he might have felt that way too, but I’m not him, so I’m not going to talk for him, but I know I have felt this way.

And the reaction that Martha has honestly is probably the same reaction that I would have had if Jesus was sitting in my home. I want to make sure everything’s perfect; I want to make sure he has everything he needs because it’s my personality.

So when Martha says, “This isn’t fair, Jesus tells her to help me.” And Jesus replies, “Martha, Martha. You worry too much.” He’s digging deeper.

And we’ve probably all heard this story at church at some point, but this is what I think he is trying to teach us. He’s saying we shouldn’t worry about the preparation, about the works. He’s not saying they’re not necessary. He’s not saying that doing the works isn’t essential, but it’s not as important as spending time with him. See Martha and Mary’s story teaches us that being in the presence of Jesus and cultivating the relationship with Him is so much more important than completing all of the legalistic motions we tend to fall into.

For me, this is huge because, as someone who works in ministry, it’s easy to get my head into all the different tasks of my job and forget to sit and spend time with just me and Jesus. It’s so easy for me to get involved in this because I am Martha. A lot of the time, if I do not keep myself in check, I become Martha. Even when I’m preparing for like podcasts and stuff, I have to remember. Okay, yes, you’re writing things you’re, you’re getting ready for the podcast but have you actually spent time with Jesus at this moment. Have you talked to him? Have you connected with him?

And that’s what we can learn from Mary and Martha. We need to realize that we need to be more like what Mary does and spend time with him.

So ask yourself this, like sit and just think about this for a minute. Who are you in this story? Martha, who lives in the future or wants to make sure everything is done exactly how it needs to be done and just go through the motions? Or are you Mary, sitting in his presence, listening to him, conversing with him, and becoming more and more like him? I think that’s a heavy call to think about because we need to be more like Mary. We do need to put our relationship with God first. That’s why I love Martha and Mary’s story so much because it is a fantastic reminder of what is most important, and that is our relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s pretty incredible. Also, what I love about this story is it’s right to the point.

So I want you to take the extra 10 minutes, and I want you to sit in God’s presence, spending time with him and absorb everything he’s trying to teach you because that is the most important thing that we can do.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai and edited by Grammarly

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