Den of Dragons

PHOTO PROMPT: ©Roger Bultot

I stared at the scene in front of me – broken and abandoned.

“What was this?” I asked, scanning the terrain of metal rods and broken buildings.

“An amusement park. I’m surprised the future Chieftain of the Gypsies doesn’t know her history,” Ranger mocked, scouting a path.

I rolled my eyes, “You think the dragon is here?”

Ranger smirked, “Beyond this graveyard is the Tempest Dragons den – He’s there.”

I shivered. I never dealt with Dragons outside the safety of the Fire Party; now I am wandering into their own den.

“Ancestors be with me,” I whispered as we trudged forward.

Word Count: 100

*This prompt gave me inspiration for my current novel series. Enjoy!

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7 Thoughts

    1. Thank you and thank you for bringing that to my attention. I didn’t realize it was a racial slur. In my story, Gypsy is its own form of magical being like a sorcerer or magic wielder and I used it for its meaning of wanderer which is the basis of my main character. I will reevaluate though and make sure I am not being offensive because I that is not my intentions in the grand scheme of the story. In my story the race of gypsy is respected and revered by the people/magic wielders.

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