My Whole World


It fell from my pocket. Such a tiny, silly piece of frayed string from a memory of no significance, but I keep it with me anyways.

The string isn’t important, but the memory it holds.

I was going around the world, eyes focused on my task at hand instead of my surroundings. That is when I met her – a quirky, beautiful 6th grader.

Now I pocketed the string and strolled down the walkway to the church, hand in pocket, clutching the string as I entered a whole new world.

Word Count: 89

Check out Rochelle Wisoff-Fields on how to participate!

11 Thoughts

      1. I was wondering – among other things that very same thing! So that is why he is going into the church and his whole new world. I love the story even more now, but I already loved it before being sure.

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