Welcome to the Family!

Hi Everyone!

I want to introduce myself. I am Ashley of the byAshleyDannie Brand. The name came from technically my middle name, which is actually Danielle, but apparently Ashley Danielle is a very popular 80s baby girl name, so when I needed to create a Instagram handle all those years ago I shorted it and thus started the journey into what I know call the byAshleyDannie Brand.

I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I am from Indiana, and if you don’t know, Indiana, which is in the middle of Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan. We are the home of the Hoosiers, Garfield, and are know for our popcorn. Sadly, we also have Notre Dame, but that’s a whole different story. (Sorry, I’m not a Notre Dame fan.) We moved around a lot when I was younger until dad kind of found the perfect farm for us and once we found that we were there for 20 plus years. We had dogs, a bunch of barn cats, a horse, and cows. Sibling wise, I have one younger brother I call Bubba (not his real name) and growing up, we went to a really small school. Every school has their ups and downs, but overall I liked the size because I knew everyone, but it didn’t feel like a bubble.

Education wise I went to Southeastern University, which is an Assemblies of God Pentecostal college down in Lakeland, Florida. I got my English education degree there for 6th through 12th. I thought I was going to be a teacher but that didn’t work out. I moved back to Indiana in 2012 and started my creative writing master’s degree in 2013. After I did my creative writing masters God got ahold of my heart in a brand new way. I felt like he said, “Hey, I know you’ve been like working towards this degree, but I need you to switch gears and go into ministry.” So I finished up my first master’s and dived into my second at Bethel College, which is now Bethel University in Mishawaka, Indiana and received my master’s in ministry degree. Now I am living out in Nebraska, as a children’s and youth director for a church plant, and I’m an administrative assistant in a museum out here for my nine to five job.

So that’s the short history version of how I ended up where I am currently. Although, everything I have told you about me background and education points to one thing and that is my passion and why I have molded this Brand. My biggest passion is for everyone of all ages, to know who Jesus is, to know what he did for us, to know his life and his ministry, and how he wants to save everyone.

I started going to church when I was really young and I learned who God was through that, dedicating my life to Christ in my preteen years. It has not been an easy road and I would be lying if I told you I didn’t have to recenter my commitment to Christ a couple different times, because you know, preteen/teen years, there’s a lot of ups and downs and you’re still trying to figure out who you are. Ever since college, I have just tried to follow his voice in my life. But I am not perfect and I have hit many a brick walls and you probably have too. Don’t worry. You are not alone.

Even though this is a “brand” with content and stuff, none of it matters if I don’t get one important thing across. Jesus died for your sins and has saved you. All you have to do is except him as your personal savior and grow a relationship with him. As Solomon said, everything is meaningless under the sun, except God. So as you interact on this platform I pray you see God in all you do here – from the stories to the podcast – God loves you.

Welcome to the Family!


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