The Shadows Part 9

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“This is bad…” Zofia was pacing in her hut.

“You said that already,” I crossed my arms in annoyance.

Zofia glanced in my direction, “It seemed worth repeating.”

“Zofia, what was that we found in my thoughts,” I asked for the 10th time.

She stopped and stared off into the unknown for a moment before answering, “AMP was wrong. I cannot complete your training. We need to get you back to the mainland.”

“What are you talking about! I have no idea what I am doing and how to defeat Zillah without your guidance!” I exclaimed, jumping up from my seat, “What is AMP going to do for me?”

“They are scared of you and they will lock you up. You need to get away from them as quickly as possible.”

She proceeded to pack my things and then add some extra ingredients of hers into my bag, “I will create a cloaking spell strong enough they can’t see through it so you can get away. Head for the wilderness of Canada and don’t stop.”

I grabbed her arms to get her to look at me, “Why do I need to run? What is in Canada?”

Her eyes turned sad and I could see the brimming of tears, “Because your magic isn’t purely light, there is darkness and if they find that out they will end you. They can’t go into the wilderness of Canada because it is protected by magic. There you will find answers.”

My mind was reeling at the new information. I wasn’t the savior AMP was hoping for. Relief drifted over my body at that thought, but then another dread came up, “If I am not purely light magic does that mean I am not the ancestor of Ziya?”

Zofia sat down heavily on the closest chair, “No, I can feel your presence in her, but I also feel something else, but I can’t decipher it. My powers are dwindling. You need to find the place where magic is strongest.”

“The wilderness of Canada? I will die out there!”

Zofia grinned, “No. Humans, including AMP, believe that people cannot survive the wilderness of Canada and they are technically right, but you are no normal human and the wilderness was made for your protection. Within the wilderness is an old castle and there you will find your answers. Once you get to the wilderness AMP will not be able to find you.”

I nodded my head and finished packing my things. Zofia gave me some food and water to take with me, along with a bottle of potion that should conceal me from AMP as I try to travel to the Wilderness border. She took me to the far north side of the island and there waiting on me was a small boat. She gathered me in her arms and I hugged her back gently, because she felt as if she was about to break beneath me.

As she held me she whispered, “Hold on to the light within you. Don’t let what we saw overtake you. And when you feel it creeping up call to the light of Ziya and it will assist the fight.”

I didn’t understand what she was saying but I nodded, released her, and stepped into the boat. I took a small swig of the nasty spell and felt a tingling sensation fall onto my skin. As I paddled out I stopped and turned toward where Zofia was. She stood there taller than I had seen her before, a smile crossing her lips as all of the sudden she faded into light and shot up into the sky.

“Goodbye Zofia and thank you,” I whispered to the stars as I continued to paddle to toward the wilderness of Canada.

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