That Sounds Fun, Annie F. Downs!

So here is where the story picks up and slows down all at the same time. In my heart, after the initial conversations with my senior pastor’s wife and Holly about what Nebraska would look like, I knew I was going to be moving to Nebraska. I knew that even though I told them and my parents I wanted to see what would happen with PA, I knew I would be in Nebraska by fall. I didn’t know how I would get there or afford to move out there, but I was going to trust God in it. Except, I had to now go through the whole month of July sitting at my job counting down the days until I could tell them I was moving on.

Thankfully because it was summer, there were camps and trips that kept me busy, but I was living with my parents, who live an hour away from my job. So for about two and a half hours each day I was in my car with my thoughts.

That is a dangerous thing, especially for people with anxiety.

That is where the enemy can get into your head. And boy did he. I think the first couple days I had to fight off small panic attacks as I sat in my car trying to figure out how to tell my kiddos I was leaving (when the time was right), thinking about how hard it was going to be to leave all my students, my college students, and my co-workers, and thinking about how I was going to face telling my Executive Pastor everything I had held in for so long about my problems I was having and feeling. It brings tears to my eyes right now just thing about the month I drove back and forth, but I found a shining light that God sent me – a podcast.

I decided music wasn’t going to cut it for that long of a ride so I needed something that was long and conversation to draw me in. I couldn’t stream movies while driving so I tried to find a podcast. One of my favorite authors right now in the Christian realm is Annie F. Downs, so I looked up her podcast and saw the times were great for my travel time. I remember looking through her list of guests and picking names I knew or sounded familiar. I remember the first one I listened to was when Christine Caine was on and it wrecked me.

If you have never heard Christine Caine preach you need to search her on youtube and just listen to the truth she speaks! She will wreck you!

I can’t tell you exactly what was said during that podcast without going back, but I do remember that whatever was said was exactly what I needed to hear that day. And that wasn’t the only episode that spoke to me. God used many different guests such as: John Crist, Hillary Scott, Jon Acuff, Sadie Robertson, Lisa TerKeurest and many more in that month to speak to me in the place I was at. These episodes were recorded a few years ago and still God was able to take them and speak to me.

That is how powerful our God is. He knew I would need those podcast episodes a year or two later than when they were recorded.

Then Annie did something that wrecked me even more – Her Enneagram Summer. She did nine episodes and each one pertained to the nine different enneagrams. I am a 2 if you haven’t read my post about being a two (Click here to read). The episode about 2s was such a breaking and building up of my soul. I was able to see into some of the quirks of my personality and see where I am healthy and where I am not. Actually, the tool of the enneagram has opened me to see where I need to do a lot of “Soul Work”

All of this to say God can speak to us through anything. I know it is a generic, christian saying, but there is so much truth to it! God knows us and he knows our needs. He knows how to get our attention. For me during July of 2019 it was through Annie F. Downs’s podcast and I still enjoy listening to it today! For you it might be music, or a different podcast, or a book, or a person(s). Whatever it is make sure you are open to listening to God through whatever medium it is.

I know I used it already, but I tend to come back to this verse:

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”

Psalm 46:10

Even in the busy moments we need to be still so we can hear him. Being still doesn’t always mean complete silence, because if that was the case I wouldn’t have heard God through the podcast I was listening to. No, being still sometimes just means turning on our listening ears to hear from our Heavenly Father.

So as always my challenge to you today is are you being open to letting God talk to you where you are? Are you putting on your listening ears? If not, I encourage you to talk to God about it and ask him to help you focus in on His voice, because His voice is the most important thing we can listen to!

God Bless,

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