The Shadows Part #5 | Writing Prompt Story

Parts 1-4: P1, P2, P3, & P4

“Why is she here? It was not time yet for her to know of this place!” a strong male voice exclaimed.

“What were we supposed to do Marshall? She had blacked out!” a female voice lashed back–mom.

“Follow protocols! Wipe the memories and then leave her in the nurse’s station,” the guy’s voice, Marshall, came back.

“Alena is my daughter,” mom sounded exasperated, “Marshall, she is back. It has started. All those students are alive right now–because of Alena. She needs to know.”

I opened my eyes to see my mom standing at the foot of my bed, glaring at another man. He was tall, speckled gray hair, with a young man’s masculine build for an old man.

“I need to know what?” I whispered, as I struggled to find my voice.

They both turned to me. Mom’s eyes were warm and loving, but the man’s face was stone cold and harsh.

“Alena, rest. We will tell you everything when you have your strength back,” Mom reassured me as she came to the bed to stroke my hair.

I pushed her hand away and made myself sit up, “No! Tell me now! I have the right to know how and why Theo knows about and has magic and why I am sitting in a secret facillity with my mom in front of me hiding stuff.”

She glanced cautiously over to Marshall and there was a fear in her eyes. As I looked into them I heard a fear in her thoughts, but I fully couldn’t understand the fear.

“What are you so afraid of?” I asked them in a panic.

They both looked at each other again and before Mom could say anything Marshall spoke up, “You.”

-To Be Continued-

Part 6

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