The Shadows Part #4 | Writing Prompt Story

Read all Parts. P1 | P2 | P3

Using prompt, but some words might be changed in my story. I use these as inspiration. 

We bolted for the first room near the middle school gym: Biology class. Fifth period? I think freshman Bio I. There was a black film over the windows so we couldn’t see in. Theo put the scanner up and it revealed two Shadows. One at the back and front of the class.

“We need light,” I whispered, thinking of ways to get the film off the windows.

“I got light,” Theo grinned and as he said light his shield and sword started to glow.

“Why is your sword and shield glowing?” my voice went up a couple octaves.

“Magic. Duh,” Theo looked at me like I should be used to this by now when it has only been 10 minutes since my brother told me he knows my world–our world, “Now, open the door.”

I could hear the thoughts of the students in the classroom. The terror in their whines and breathes. Anger built up until I let a wave of energy release at the door. It flew open with such speed, the hinges groaned. Theo, with accelerated pace, swept into the classroom, light sword and shield in hand, slashing the shadows into extinction. When the shadows were gone he was frozen in the middle of the room, sword extended, glowing, with his glowing shield now slung across his back.

This wasn’t the brother I knew. This was somebody new and foreign.

We have a lot to talk about,” I whispered into his mind, as he gave me a quick nod.

We gave the class instructions and then started to move to different classrooms, breaking down the doors, and dispelling the shadows. My brother’s magic was speed and combat. It was amazing to watch. I was in awe, but every time I heard my brother’s mind during this, his thoughts of my magic wasn’t awe, but fear.  

We made it around to the common area of the middle school to only see the sun dimming in the afternoon sky.

“What is happening?” fear rang in my voice.

“She released her army,” Theo answered, graveness wore in his eyes, “It is darkening the sky.”

I don’t know why, but I took off for the high school common area. I felt her there. It was dark and cold. I almost liked it. Theo wasn’t following, I could feel his mind watching my steps toward the mystery woman.

When I arrived at the Commons she was there, standing in the center, hands up in concentration.

“Stop!” I yelled with all the force I could muster, breathing heavily.

She turned with amusement in her eyes, “You don’t have the strength.”

With each sharp breath I took, I could hear the fear in my friends’ minds, the cries for help. It was overwhelming but also intoxicating. I allowed the terror of my classmates’ flood into my veins. I felt it build–my anger. I felt as if my eyes were on fire. She watched, cocking her head at me with fearful amusement. She was about to say something, but I didn’t want to hear it, and I let out a massive wail that came deep from within my magic I had never felt before. It was as if time stopped. Frozen. The only thing moving was the waves of sound from my voice.

Then. All at once it sped up, and the windows around me shattered, glass flying out into the bus line parking. The energy I released flung open every door in the building. I could see it in my mind’s eye. The shadows dispelled from the classrooms. The black film–gone– and as I fell to the ground in exhaustion, I could feel the sunlight start to flood back into the windows of the building, landing on my face. As my vision went black, the woman was over me, looking at me.

“This is not over young one…” she whispered.

I tried spitting at her, but nothing happened. I heard a commotion coming toward us and then her cold presence disappear. The last face I saw over me was my mother. I tried groaning her name.

“Shh, my baby girl. You will be alright….” she cooed as everything went dark…

–to be continued–

Part Five!!!

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