The Shadows #3 | Writing Prompt Story

The Shadows Part 1 & The Shadows Part 2

If you haven’t read 1 and 2 make sure you use the links above to read them! 

…It was a woman…I think. She/he dropped, landing on their knees, fists slammed into the ground, head hanging down, wiry, black hair pooling on the floor. I couldn’t move.

I couldn’t blink. 

The lights of the room went out and a pale glow formed around her/him. He/she finally lifted her/himself off the ground to reveal a tall female, dressed in black medieval like clothing. The evil grin I saw in the storm appeared on her pale face. Her ebony eyes matched her hair and the shade of fingernail polish. Along with the dark makeup caked on her eyelids and lips, one would classify her as a goth. 

“Well, well, well,” she repeated, cocking her head to one side, examining me. 

She swept a piece of hair out of my face, and a sharp cold flew through my body. Then everything was on fire. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. 

“Oh, you poor thing. You have no idea what is happening to you,” the woman clucked, cocking her head at me again as a sharp pain slammed into my brain, “Oh, you have no idea of any of it or who. you. are.” 

She smiled, “No matter. I have things to attend to. The Shadows will have to deal with you. I have things to do.”

She waved her hand and my body finally slacked as did all of my classmates. She disappeared, but in her place was a Shadow and it didn’t wait long to attack. My body reacted like it normally did and I felt a surge of power that hadn’t been around in days. 

“Finally,” I breathed as I put all my energy into a massive magical push toward the shadow and into the door, breaking it open into the light. As the shadow smacked into the light of the hallway it disintegrated. I turned to see my classmates staring at me and mouths dropped open. 

I ignored the fact that they all saw me use magic and demanded, “When I leave close the door, lock it, and turn on any flashlights you have on your cellphones. Anything moves you shine the light at it.”

My teacher went to say something, but I interrupted, “Don’t ask questions. Please. Just do what I say.”

And with that, I ran out the door. I could hear the screams of classmates in every classroom. The hallway lights were on, but when I tried to open a door they were locked and when I peeked underneath the lights were out. 

“MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! Get into the gym where there is light!” a voice hollered down the halls. 

It was coming from the middle school hallway. I ran there to see a bunch of 8th graders charging toward the high school gym. An average height boy with shaggy dark blonde hair took off in another direction–Theo–my little brother!

“Theo!” I called out and followed him down the hallway, catching up as he made it to the middle school gym doors, “Theo! What are you doing?”

He didn’t look up from his task, which was X-raying the door to see what is inside, but it wasn’t any old x-ray contraption. This had thermal and something I had never seen before, but I knew what it sensed as soon as I saw it–Shadows. 

“Where did you get that?” I was so confused.

Now he looked at me, “Alena, I don’t have time to tell you. We need to get into the locker room. I keep my backup gear in there.” 

I wanted to ask so badly, but there was a shrill scream from inside. I let a wave of energy out and whispered, “Open.”

The doors burst open and light flooded into the room, from the hallway and the other doors leading outside, destroying the Shadows within. I could see the awe and horror in my brother’s eyes as we both knew our sibling relationship was about to change forever. 

The students and gym teacher raced out the doors into the parking lot as Theo and I barrelled into the guys’ locker room.

“What are we looking for again?” I asked, feeling weird I was in the middle school guys locker room.

“I need my sword, shield, and magic bulletproof vest,” he listed off as he opened up his locker with ease, pulling these things out of what seemed to be thin air.

“You keep a magical bulletproof vest in your gym locker?” My mind was wheeling around in confusion on how my little brother knew about Shadows and magic. 

“Yeah, where do you keep yours?” 

“I don’t HAVE one!” 

“A gym locker? Everyone has a gym locker,” then he thought for a moment, “No you are a Junior and don’t have Gym, so yeah that makes sense.”

“Theo!” I exclaimed grabbing his shoulders, “How do you know about this world?”

He searched my face for a moment, “You aren’t the only one in our family with a gift, sis. When this is over I will introduce you to AMP.”


“Agency of Magical Phenomenon,” he replied in his mind, giving me a knowing look. 

“Oh boy,” I whispered as I followed a darting Theo back into our school of hostages and Shadows. 

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