Me vs. the Shadows #2 | Writing Prompts

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using this prompt as inspiration. Won’t use it word for word.

So today started out like any other day. 

I woke. I dressed. I ate. I exercised my powers. 

Nobody is ever in the kitchen when I am, so I use that time to move items around the kitchen, making my breakfast. If someone is coming, I usually hear their thoughts and stop. The past couple days though my powers have been–different. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I almost broke my mom’s favorite coffee mug yesterday trying to move my cup out of the cabinet. 

This morning was different. Mom was standing at the counter watching the TV.

“What’s up?” I asked, physically grabbing a bowl, cereal, and milk. 

“There is a massive storm just south of us. The weather people are nervous because it is the same system from two days ago. It is like a standstill. Evacuations are happening because of the amount of flooding and damage,” she relayed to me.

Thankfully over the years, I have learned to turn my parents’ and brother’s thoughts on and off. The rest of society? Not so much. 

“Is it still standing still?”

“Not anymore. It is heading towards us.”

“Do we need to go to grandma’s?”

“No. As long as the storm moves through us we should be fine.”

I looked at the TV screen to see the shape of the storm. It wasn’t any normal shape, but one of an evil face. Or at least I feel as if I could see glimpses of one. And as I watched the storm on the radar, it was almost as if I could feel something, as in my magic stirring inside of me in odd ways. My mom finally left the room to finish getting ready and to make sure my lazy little brother was up. 

“This storm. It must be what has been messing with my magic the past few days,” I whispered under my breath. 

As if it heard me the radar showed up again, showing an evil grin. One I was not prepared for. 

My younger brother and I climbed on the big yellow thing schools call a bus and travelled the 6 minutes to the halls of perpetual acne, drama, and hormones. I was so consumed in my thought I didn’t hear the excessive chatter of elementary and middle school kids towards the front of the bus. Man, I wish I could get my car back. Stupid deer. 

What I didn’t know was that something new and downright weird was going to happen today as the storm rolled in. So I am going to fast-forward a bit. Talking to you about standing in the commons, listening to all the drama inside and outside their minds as we wait for the bell to ring isn’t that interesting. Unless I peer into the brain of one Ryan Wyatt. Oh, dreamy Ryan Wyatt. He is captain of the football team, the basketball team, and is in the top three students here at Chamberlin High. It is a small school. Stereotypes tend to mix in smaller schools. As for me, I am not a captain of anything, I play 3rd clarinet in band and sing alto in the general choir–I don’t do Show Choir. My nicknames have been Teacher’s Pet, Know-It-All, and Narc. All because of my gifts. Not because anybody knows, but because I sometimes hear things that aren’t good, so when I was younger I would blurt them out to a teacher. As I got older, I realized I could do it anonymously, but it didn’t change what I had already started. Curse of a small school–once a nickname always a nickname. 

The one thing I do have going for me is my grades. I am also in the top three of the class, specifically the 2nd. Marcus Matthews and I have been competing for the top every year. In middle school, he won 2 of the 3 years, but now we are tied. I was top Freshman year and because of some unexplained, high shadow activity, he won top spot Sophmore year. If my classmates realized what I did for them on a nightly basis…ugh. Nevermind. That will never happen or so I thought. 

So, back to the issue at hand, the day had pretty much chugged along as it usually does, expect for the howling winds and beating of rain. English started covering the Puritan literature of the American variety, AP US History had us do a DBQ (don’t ask), Biology II gave us the list of bones we must memorize, and Gym was…well gym. Lunch was always a saving grace–not. My friends eat ‘B’ lunch, while I eat in ‘A’ lunch. There is about a 15-minute overlapping where Sarah, Lucas, and I get to eat together in peace before it is off to Spanish II for me. Ugh. 

But that is where it all went down. 

I was sitting at my desk, watching a boring video on Argentina when the strangest thing happened. I thought maybe it was because my eyes were opening and closing slowly because I swear I was going to zonk out, but something black start to appear on the ceiling. Then it started swirling, slowly at first, revealing that evil grin from the radar, which jolted me awake, but then it started to pick up speed. I thought maybe nobody else could see it, but I was wrong. 

“What is that?” a girl on the other side of the room–Kristy asked loudly. 

I tried to move it with my mind. Damn. My magic has been messed up because of that storm that is now over us. Then it hit me like a freight train. The loudest shrill. I swear my brain was about to explode and then everything stopped and something dropped from the hole…

–To be continued–

Update: Read Part 3 Here!

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