Me vs. the Shadows #1 | Writing Prompt

See I was born with this gift. Well, I guess you can call it that. Sometimes it feels like a curse. I have this tendency to move things with my mind and read thoughts. I started hearing thoughts when I was 13. Puberty they tell me. It took all summer to get it under control. I mean middle school was hard enough, but now I hear thoughts?

Then when I turned 15, a pen moved toward me on the kitchen counter. I didn’t think much of it because I was known to forget the little things I do, such as grab a pen.  But then in gym class, I actually made a basket. No, not because I have some hidden talent for the game, but because of a last minute, after I tossed the ball into the air, whisper under my breath of “left.” Guess what? The ball went left. 

And no I didn’t decide to go out for basketball because of my new found power or any sport for that matter. 

You are also probably wondering if I told my parents. Yeah, right. Tell my OCD dad and my safety-neurotic mom that I have magical powers?



Not in a million years. 

I also know what you are thinking, maybe your parents have powers. Ha! I read minds, remember? I haven’t heard anything about powers from them. Which is a good thing because if they knew what I do at night I would be uber grounded. Like in a straight jacket grounded. See I battle…what to call them…Shadows? 

Look I know it sounds crazy, but the first time I was attacked was in the McDonalds parking lot as I was walking home from grabbing food. The light of the parking lot cast shadows, and instead of staying still they started to move. Long story short, I somehow ‘beat’ them and sent them back to who knows where. Then I did a lot of research, but I found nothing. Nothing about Shadows or my magic, so I have tried to live a normal life, but they keep coming, and I don’t know why. So I now fight the Shadows when they show up around town. I guess I could be called some sort of superhero or witch or I don’t know. 

It is funny, because you hear kids say they will they could have magic and how it could help so many people, but I am here to tell you my story: “magic isn’t a cure…it is a curse.”

Part 2 is Available! Check it Out by Clicking Here! 

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