He is Risen | Easter Weekend 2019


John 20: 1-18 (click here)

Journal Questions–S.O.A.P.

  1. Scripture: Choose a verse or verses that stood out to you in the above passage and write them out in your journal.
  2. Observation: What do you see in this verse? What struck you? What lesson(s) can you see you in the verse(s)?
  3. Application: How can this apply to your life or the lives around you? If it doesn’t have a clear application is okay .
  4. Prayer: Say or write out a prayer to God either about your observations or application.


He. Is. Risen.

Guys! Jesus has RISEN!!

I hope you understand what that means to you. That means that you are free from sin. That means you don’t have to suffer. That means you are chosen! When Jesus hung on the cross for our sins he knew all the names of the people he was dying for. So say this out loud or write it in your journal:

Jesus died for __________________. (Insert your name)

The cross is not just a one way street though. Some people hear this and think “oh, I am good. I don’t have to do anything.” But the truth is the Cross is a two way street. Jesus took the first step (actually it was more like a giant leap 99.99% towards us). Now we need to decide what to do with the 0.01% of the way left, but it is so important! God has given us the chance to choice for ourselves. So what are you going to do? Are you going to take the 0.01% step and confess your sins, starting a journey with Jesus? Or are you gonna just let it sit there? Or maybe you have already took that step, but how has your walk been lately?

Trust me when I say that choosing Jesus is tough and messy, but it is also rewarding and joyous! There will be valleys and jagged mountains, but there will be flat plateaus as well. Lets be real if there wasn’t some trials would serving God be as rewarding as it is? I don’t think so. I think the trials and the mountains and the plateaus make the journey with God.

So if you have questions or want to talk to somebody comment me below or I encourage you to find a local church. It doesn’t matter where you are in life God wants you to complete the steps Jesus started for us all those years ago! God bless,

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