What Am I Created For? | Unveiling Your Worth

Technically, today is day 11 of the 100 days to Brave challenge 2019 Annie Downs started, but I have been slowly wrestling through her book for a while now, so I am on day 33. This day has posed a question that I have been wrestling with for the past 6.5 years:

What are you created to do?

Annie F. Downs — 100 Days to Brave

I thought it was to be a teacher in the school systems–but that door slammed shut.

Then about 3 years ago I received my calling–a calling I never wanted, but it was placed like a neon sign in my face–Ministry. To be fair I am in the ministry field working with students and college-age/young adults. Except, I feel like there is more waiting on me.

Do you ever get this restless feeling? Like something is missing? A part of you are not adequately fulfilling in your life? After Passion 2019, I started to get that itch. I heard Him say it’s time, but time for what? To start looking for my next steps in ministry? To bring a piece of me into my ministry, I am not using? Or all the above?

The challenge Annie gave for Day 33 is to pray and then listen. Listen to his for his voice, whether it is in a loved one who is speaking into your life or in those quiet moments meditating on God’s word. Listen.

So that is what I will do. Listen. Be patient.

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