But First Jesus | Coffee Cup Devotionals

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

Luke 5:16

As I sit in my PJs of my routine lazy Friday morning, I realized this has become a routine for me. Work Saturday through Thursday and come Friday I take longer to get out of bed, pour a cup of coffee, open up my current devotional book, and sit in the presence of God. 

The problem with my routine is it only happens on Fridays and maybe Saturdays if I don’t have plans I have to get ready for. This is not healthy.  I need to figure out how to have a longer time with God during the work week.

I know what you are thinking–just get up earlier. Yeah, you are talking to a night owl, who has tried and it just doesn’t work. No, my problem is making myself sit longer than 5 minutes as I am falling asleep on top of my bed at 11:30pm with my Bible App open to the plan I am reading. God deserves more than that from me. 

God deserves more than that from ALL of us. 

So here are some of my suggestions for a routine:

First, find a spot you are comfortable in. I sit either on my couch or the matching big comfy green chair. 

Second, choose a devotional. Not just a plan on the Bible App. Yes, they are good, but they only take 10 minutes tops normally. Find a book where you can sit in it for a while and really connect with God. I am using a few at the moment: 100 Days to Brave and Uninvited. Both get me to reflect on my life and pull me into my bible as well. Sometimes I will even journal as I reflect. 

Third, spend time in prayer. Talk to Him! He wants to know what is going on in your heart and mind. Don’t be afraid to say it out loud. Verbalizing it is to your benefit because the first step really in anything is admitting. 

Fourth, share it. This can be simple or long. I personally love sharing what I am learning from God on my blog for you all. But for others that might not be something you want to do. God does call us into a community and to have accountability. Don’t be afraid to share what God is doing in your heart with your community of friends, family, or other believers. You never know who it will affect. 

Extras. I like to drink my coffee or have a snack to eat as I do my devotions. Something about eating or drinking something helps me focus. <insert shoulder shrug here>.

Final Words

So there you have it. You can use or not use anything up above. So I am challenging myself and you: What is your God Time Routine? 

If you want somewhere to start here is a pre-made devotional sheet you can download and use. Feel free to share it!

If you have your routine you would like to share, comment below! I would love to read them! 

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