Puzzle Pieces | Unveiled Devo Moment

It is probably the most used analogy in the Christian realm, but it really struck me this morning as I was reading 100 Days to Brave. She said:

He knows we need dreams in pieces because we would be too scared of the whole puzzle.

How cool is that to think about our dreams as a puzzle. We tend to think about our life as one, but not our dreams. God wants us to dream big dreams with him, but if we were to see every step He takes us on we would probably run for the hills. (Who says “runs for the hills” anymore? lol).

As I read her devotional, I started to look back on the steps God took me on to get me to my where I am. I know this isn’t the final step, but I can see them–clearly. From pretending to teach the bible when I was young in my room to my stuffed animals, to my education degree, to a small group leader, and now as a 5th-grade coordinator at my church. I know this isn’t the last puzzle piece because God and I are still dreaming together, but I am starting to see the pieces interconnected and I can’t wait to see what next piece he has for me.

So what about you? Can you see the pieces God has already put into place? Does it scare you or excite you?

Take some time and pray about it, because whether we plan it or not God has some pieces in store for us, so get ready.

Also if you want to read about a guy God gave dreams in pieces check out David’s story.  From a shepherd to a King and unlike Joseph, God didn’t give him a vision of the future. He only got the pieces. (Read: 1 Sam. 17:34-37)

Stay Strong & Courageous,


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