How to Survive Halloween as an​ Undercover Disney Jedi Princess

Halloween is here and as I look outside at the gloomy weather of Indiana I realized Halloween is not an ideal holiday for a Disney Princess. Why you ask? First, Villians. This is the holiday the villains are out and about so much more in the land of Disney. Maleficent is flying around the castle spires calling the villains to action because the witching hour is among us on this dark night.

So how does a Disney Princess survive the day of Villains? Let me give you some advice I have gleaned from other Disney Princess:

1. Stay Away From Apples

44938649_10100470280462148_3357600102511280128_nRemember Snow White? I don’t care if they are dipped in Chocolate or Caramel, they are DANGEROUS!

Also, if you come across an old lady who is just trying to be “nice” and give you a peck of apples RUN!!!


It is not a nice old lady it is the Evil Queen! She takes no prisoners.


2. Stay out of the Attic!

If you have a creepy Stepmother, I would stay away from attics, especially ones with locks! You don’t want to miss meeting your Prince Charming at midnight.

3. Don’t Go Near a Sewing Store!

Princess Aurora was near a sewing store once…and she had an extremely long nap! Unless you like your sleep I would make sure Maleficent doesn’t pull you to the tip of a spinning needle!

4. Stay Away from the Ocean!


Ursula tends to rule the seas when Halloween is here. Unless you want to be a squiggly thing in her cave STAY AWAY FROM THE OCEAN!!!


5. Don’t buy any new Lamps!

Jafar, as you know as turned into a Genie, so PLEASE stay away from rubbing any lamps! He might have to grant you three wishes, but he will manipulate you with his Snake Staff before you say your first wish!

6. Stay Out of New Orleans!

The Shadow Man lives in New Orleans and this is HIS holiday! So unless you want to make a deal with the devil, well the devil’s worker, go to any other city. I hear Orlando is nice this time of year! 🙂

7. The Woods

Don’t go following the Wisps in the Wood. Even though they lead you to your fate, makes us wonder what kind of fate you have…

Merida had to face a bear. Its Halloween, you never know!

Just keep thinking happy thoughts, my princesses!


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