You are Not Forgotten | Unveiled Devotional Moment

I have been in the midst of three different books right now, all focused on one thing–bringing me closer to God. Normally, their content doesn’t coincide much, but today two out of the three did. I first read day 23 in 100 Days to Brave from Annie F Downs, which title was this:

Believe God Cares About Your Dreams.


Being the __ _-year-old women I am (no, you don’t need to know) that hit me hard. See as a little girl I believed that I was going to be a teacher by 22, married by 25, and mom by 27, with a thriving career. In my little girl mind, I would be able to juggle all of it and be the best teacher, wife, and mother.

Oh, that sad, naive, little girl. I look back at her and my heart breaks because she was wrapped up in the lies of Disney princesses and fairytales. (I still love my Disney, but I am more realistic now about it). That little girl grew up having all three of those dreams crushed by age of 23, but I kept moving forward. I tried to better myself. I started volunteering at my new church since I moved back home, I went back to school for writing and started working multiple jobs as I looked for my new purpose. The problem was each year that passed made this lie crept up on me:

I Should Be Further Along By Now (lie)

Cue the chapter of the day from Girl, Wash Your Face that I have been reading. My aging self looked at my life and thought I had messed up along the way, only trying to pick up the pieces with a couple of degrees and volunteer work. I even started thinking that maybe God forgot about me.

<insert gasp!>

No, I don’t think that way now, but I would be lying if I said I never felt that way. We are lying to ourselves if that is something we have never thought of.

God never forgot me. Somewhere deep inside me, I knew/know that, but sometimes we need that reminder. Annie Downs reminded me of that fact this morning:


Go back and repeat that. Out loud. Do it. SERIOUSLY! DO IT!

There are so many little moments that God is building in my life–in all of our lives. For me, it is allowing me to go back to school for Creative Writing and now Ministry. Two things I am extremely passionate for and can use in my future career paths (whatever those turn out to be). He set me up to volunteer in middle school ministry, which would lead me to actually working for the church, which leads me to wanting the ministry degree I am currently working on. If I didn’t start volunteering I wouldn’t have found my passion for the next generation (5th-college [I know that is a huge age range, but it is my age range]). God is still working in my life, even though it might not have been the life I wanted. I am grateful he didn’t give it to me then, because God’s timing is perfect.

Rachel reminded me of that this morning as well in her chapter.


It doesn’t mean I won’t have a husband or a family one day. It just means I need to wait on God because he knows what he is doing.

Girls! Wait on God. Look around and see the small moments he is giving you. Look for the accomplishments that you might have overlooked as God’s timing. They are there.

I am going to end with the verse in Matthew that Annie’s chapter used this morning:

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”

Matthew 7:11 NIV

Ask for your will to align with God’s. I guaranteeAshleyDannie your perspective will change in great ways!

God Bless,


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