Disney Villians Reunited |A Short Fanfiction Piece

In light of Halloween, this month here is a segment of a fanfiction of I have written. Enjoy:

The hotel’s creepy atmosphere couldn’t even compete with the silent chill that the new, unexpected guests gave the Hollywood Tower Hotel. The eeriest one of them all glided through the lobby, past the dusty library, and into the long forgotten maintenance elevator. Her black and purple robes swayed in the stillness that she brought and with every other step her golden staff clanked on the brick flooring, while her black raven followed her up to the Tip-Top Club, where the rest of her covenant awaited her arrival. As she walked off the elevator the cobwebs pulled themselves away from her presence in the room and the mumbling from the massive table silenced as they wait for her to sit.

“Friends, I am so glad you were able to join me here tonight,” she announced in her even, but chilling voice as she took her seat at the head of the table.

“Maleficent, we thought you weren’t going to show,” Dr. Facilier stated while shuffling his tarot cards.

“Why wouldn’t I show up you imbecile! I am the one who called this meeting,” she barked at him, glancing around the room.

“Well, what is this meeting for Maleficent? We all have plans to attend to. Why should we be here? Helping you?” Hades questioned in a bored voice.

Narrowing her eyes, she responded, “Well Hades if you have other things to do I don’t think the rest of us would mind if you weren’t involved in this plan.”

“We all have had master plans!” Cruella De Vil interrupts with, “None of them have ever worked.”

“Yes, stealing puppies to make a fashion statement can be called a master plan,” Scar sarcastically threw into her interruption.

“Watch it kitty! I might just want a lion fur coat next!” she warned him, pointing her long, cigarette stick at him.

“Would you children stop fighting! Or do I have to let Chernabog take care of you for me?” Maleficent said, massaging her forehead.

The table went silent and looked towards the huge-twelve-foot-black-winged monster, who was sitting in the corner of the room that grinned at the thought of doing Maleficent’s bidding.

“Now, back to why I called you all here. I have finally figured out how we can finally take over Mickey and his reign,” Maleficent started to explain and then paused for suspense, “Dreams.”

The table stayed silent for a moment and then busted out into laughter. Each villain’s crackling laughter ringing in the hotel and the building shook at the unfamiliar display of emotion, causing the ghosts of the hotel to shriek in pain.

“Silence!” Maleficent’s voice rang, causing not only the villains to quiet, but the building stopped shaking and the ghosts stopped shrieking, leaving an eerie calm over the place, which caused the villains to fidget uncomfortably.

“I finally figured out how the Dreams work. Each princess has provided an item of great value to them and Mickey has placed the dreams in each one. He spread them out in all the territories thinking that the secret would be safe,” she described leaving an evil grin on her green tinted face.

“If they are hidden how are we to find them? If we use our magic it will alert Mickey,” The Evil Queen inquired, “We are lucky we have enough power to transport to the hotel without them feeling our presence. Hiding from those fools  is getting harder and harder…”

“I am working on that, but I do know where the first one is, which is in the Kingdom of Animals,” she answered, “And after we find one, we should be able to open the magic up to find the others.”

“Kingdom of Animals!” Queen of Hearts roared.

“How the blazes are we supposed to get there?” Captain Hook hollered, waving his hook around.

Maleficent shot them all a look and responded, “That is what I need one of you to take care of for me.”

“What is the first item?” Ursula questioned.

“That would be the Flower of the Sun,” Maleficent answered and then turned to Mother Gothel, “I figured you could help me with that seeing you are the one who lost the flower in the first place.”

With an evil smile on her face, “Oh Rapunzel, my flower, it’s time for me to recollect what was once mine!”


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