Toy Story Land: The Good & Hmm…| Undercover Disney Jedi Princess Review

Today (Oct. 13th) I got to experience the new Toy Story Land that opened a while ago in Hollywood Studios in Disney World. As always the magic just consumes us into a world that we want to live in. But just as there are things we love, there are always some things that might not be–well–up to our magical experience par. So here is my good and Hmm.. list for the new Toy Story Land:

Good: The Opening Entrance!


When you enter Toy Story Land you see a giant statue of Woody and not just any statue, but a talking Woody Statue! In his Tom Hanks voice, he talks to you as you walk into the new section of Hollywood Studios. What is better than that?

Hmm…: Slinky Dog Ride

We actually didn’t get to ride it, but that is okay. At first glance, you think this is a long ride that goes around the section of the land, but that is deceiving. It actually is about 30 seconds and there are two sides. There seem to be some slight intense moments, but overall to wait in line for 70-100 minutes for a 30 second, not-so-thrilling roller coaster just doesn’t seem worth it. I think it would be better for younger ones, but for adults, I would wait until the wait is under 50 minutes.

Good: Toy Story Mania


Toy Story Mania has been around for years, but it is now a permanent member of Toy Story Land. I actually find it better than Buzz Lightyear in the Magic Kingdom (don’t be mad!). Not only does it make you feel like you are a toy, but it is a contest between you and one other person. Make sure you are coordinated because this is a video game ride. Have fun!

Hmm…: Space

It felt very cramped with the walkways. It might have just been the massive amount of people because it is still new, but make sure you are ready to navigate a small space.

Good: Alien Swirling Saucers

I called it Disney’s version of the Scrambler (ride you find at summer fairs). It was a fun, small ride that swings you back and forth during a fun dance party! If you love the green little aliens and don’t mind getting swung from side to side check it out! We loved it, especially at night!

Fantastic: Decoration/Atmosphere!

Disney really helped you feel like a toy! They did a great job of making the atmosphere feel like you entered Toy Story!

Check It Out Soon!


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