Those Little Moments |Life of a Youth Worker

The local high school in our area allows our high schoolers to do something very unique–it is called Enlightened. It is a student-led program that focuses on spreading God’s love to all the students in the school. Last year was the first year they started doing it and it just a couple days ago they had their first one this school year. I have been to all of them, which would make this the fifth one and they have taught me more then I think they realize. So here are those little moment lessons :

Leadership Skills

Many adults would say that students have no developed leadership skills. That is not true. They have proven time and time again that if they believe in something they can accomplish anything.


These teens have time and time again put others first as they serve each other in preparation, during, and clean-up of the event.

Transparent and Courageous

During the service, many teens will get up in front of their peers and tell their testimony. The amount of honesty that has come from each teen that has shared is amazing and inspirational! And most of the ones who have shared, there are some who I know personally are scared to get up in front of people and open up their heart. God is good!

I hope this is an encouragement to all youth workers that even if there are some students you have that are bottled up and don’t share, know God is still working in their hearts. How cool would it be if we had student-led programs like this in every high school and middle school? God is so good!


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