#WriterProblems Part 1 |Eclectic Writer Blog

The Problem:

Every writer has problems when it comes to actually sitting down and writing something. So here is a list of Writer Problems I have found of late in my life…you might relate:

#WritersProblemsOne: Real Life Job

Writing isn’t the full-time job and after you come home from said real paying job all you want to do veg on the couch or sleep–maybe eat.

#WriterProblemsTwo: School Work

Much like your job, school homework gets in the way. You need to write, but it is normally a paper about the fall of Rome or a short story about the prompt the teacher gives you. So after all that writing of the graded stuff, sometimes you don’t have any energy left in your fingers to type.

#WriterProblemsThree: Social Life

This is not a problem for writers who like to be secluded and don’t like hanging out with lots of people. Now for us writers who love to hang out with people, sometimes you need to choose when to have a social life and when to lock yourself away to actually get some writing done. Sadly right now I tend to put social over-writing my story. It is a sad realization.

#WriterProblemsFour: Writer’s Block

You have no ideas. You are staring at your screen like a crazy person. You reread all you wrote, but when you get to the end where you need to continue, you still are losing it. What to do?… … … …No really, I need answers what do you do?????

Good Luck Writers,



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