Light Ceremony of the Moon

PHOTO PROMPT © Carla Bicomong

I gazed off across the floating lights on the pool of ink shimmering under the full moon. Along the beach, voices lifted up into the sky. The ancient language of our people caused the lights to intensify and as the voices reached the pinnacle of the song the light streamed up toward the moon.

My body seemed to lift with the light as power seeped into my being. I glanced over to see my grandmother staring at me with shocked eyes, but her face still looked stone cold. I looked down to see what she saw. I was glowing.

“Oh, no.”

Word Count: 101

Prompt from Friday Fictioneers by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Click the Link to check it out! 

15 Thoughts

  1. Well, that explains why I felt like I was dropped into the middle of something that didn’t have a beginning or ending 🙂 Sounds like a fascinating story you’re creating .


  2. Very musical rendition of this scene. I thought it was a poem at first. The language and rhythm is quite beautiful.

    Minor points, if you’ll permit me. I think the first sentence might need a comma somewhere, and I got a little confused by the mixed tenses. Wasn’t sure exactly where this character was in time. Forgive me, if this was intentional or for effect.


      1. No problem! A great thing about a community of writers means we can give each other advice and constructional criticism! Sometimes we need a different perspective. Thank you!

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  3. I find this story rather mysterious. The first 70 words or so seem to describe a powerful religious experience, but then we encounter “grandmother staring at me with shocked eyes, but her face still looked stone cold.” And the last two words “Oh, no,” imply something is drastically wrong.

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    1. Yes, there is a mystery to it. It is a scene that the photo inspired me for another story I am writing. It is one of those revealing moments for my protagonist who knows nothing about her heritage…well until now.

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