Moondrifter | A short scene [1]

The night was calm. It set my nerves on end, like waiting for the rain to pour as the heaviness sat on top of you. Grandma hadn’t returned to my varda in two moons, probably because she was busy making final preparations for the festival or because she knew her granddaughter well enough to know I would not park at the compound. A loud ringing noise broke the calm, making me jump from my bed. Tea. It was just the teapot I put over the small flame.

I moved the teapot, dousing the flame, and poured the hot water into my aging blue mug. I dipped a bag of chamomile tea leaves into the water, watching the flavor overtake the clear water. The silence returned. Not even a small breeze to give my chimes a soft melody. I glanced over and saw the cards sitting on my table.

“How did you get there?” I whispered.

I remember placing them in the drawer by my bed after a plump Fader, probably in her 80s, wanted to know if there was a way for her to gain immortality. This was normal. Faders only live to be about 100 and that is because when the Tri-Disaster happened magic did not surface in their bloodlines. Sometimes I feel like a Fader’s life would be nice. Living longer than 100 years feels like too much responsibility.

I took two steps to the table and placed my hands on the cards to move them back to the drawer, but a shockwave coursed through my veins. My body jolted, dropping my mug to the ground, shattering, liquid steaming on my cold floor. I saw a flash–a moment–a person. I drew my hand back and took a deep breath. I slowly reached out for the cards again. When my fingers grazed them–nothing.

I let out the breath and preceded to shuffle the cards. I did the most simple deck draw and the most power: Fairy Draw. I kept my mind blank, so the image could resurface as I drew the cards. Past: Upside down Ring Fairy, which means there was conflict in my past. That isn’t anything new seeing my mother was killed and we don’t know by who. I then drew the Present–upside down Fairy Godmother. I took in a sharp breath.

“Someone evil is seeking after me? It must be the image I saw,” I whispered to nothing.

I hesitated on the last card–Future. The dread inside was building and I didn’t want to know what they could bring, but I had no choice. I needed to know what the cards were calling me to. I quickly turned over the last card and it took me a few seconds to register it–Dancing Spell…upside down.

“My death,” I spoke the words and the winds howled around the varda. I knew at that moment I needed to get to the compound. Now.


-To be Continued-

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