Hiatus Over | Figuring Out How to Get Back My Groove

So I took a mild hiatus, which was completely unplanned. With my job working with Student Ministries at my church, summer becomes week after week of preparing and then traveling to different summer camps, which weighs on my time. So because of that I have had to ignore my blog to focus in on the students. Don’t worry though, this summer has given me great content ideas. Thank you Middle School Students! lol

So, how do I get back into the groove?

Life after summer camps is still crazy and exhausting. All I want to do is climb under my covers and wait for Fall to start. So what steps do I need to take to get back my groove? A lot of the research out there says make goals and keep to the goals and it will become a habit. Yeah…that only works for people who are goal driven…I am not! So here are my thoughts for the non-goal driven people out there:

Thoughts and Ideas for A Groove Plan without Goals

  1. Plan one day (at least, you can do more if you want) to write content up. With busy schedules sometimes that is all you have.
  2. Make enough content up in that day to post throughout the week. I do this a lot because I have a office job and my master’s program, so writing everything for the week in one day and then schedule posting them works wonders!
  3. Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t get a post up! Forgive yourself! Guys, it isn’t the end of the world. You’re followers won’t leave you because you haven’t updated in a while. Maybe that will make them want more when they have less…just a thought. 
  4. HAVE FUN. If you love to write don’t kill yourself over it if you are a busy person. Make sure you remember why you started writing, because you love it.

If you have suggestions for me that DOES NOT include “making goals,” because I am not that person, comment them below! Love to hear from you!


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