Your Mind | Day 11 of My 100 Day Challenge

Everythingdepends on theworkings of the Mind. I love the devotional Annie talks about this day, because she is talking about the power of the mind. Think about it–imagination! Our brains imagine and construct so many things from story-lines to engineering. We are creative creatures and it all starts in the brain God gave us. The problem is though our minds are also very fragile. Annie talks about this. Our brains are connected to our ears and our eyes. These are inlets for streams of information–bad and good. We need to continue to fill our minds with things that glorify God…in our music…in our shows/movies…in our games…in our books and so forth.

But our mind can do great things as well. Our minds is where God gives us our ideas. If I wasn’t listening to the voice of God, my creative juices wouldn’t have created the concept of Unveiled and the multi-tasking blogs I have within the website. Each of us have a calling or something God has put in our minds–a spark–an idea. But if we don’t watch what comes into our mind it can distort our ideas God has gifted us with.

So here are my two challenges:

1. Review what you are in-taking: Music, Shows/Movies, Language, etc., and see what you might need to change.

2. Pray about the idea or ideas God might be giving you and see how you can take steps to making it a reality.

Keep Dreaming My Braves,


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