Spice Colors Writing Prompt | The Eclectic Writer Blog

Creative Writing Prompt #1

Write down the colors of various herbs and spices and then use these spice/color couplets to describe the color of something else, such  as “turmeric-yellow New York taxis.”

My Short Prompt:

The tiger orange stained sky hung over my head as I drove my merlot red mustang down the oceanside parkway. The sugar cookie sand sparkled against the honey suckle sinking sun. It almost distracted me from the soaking chocolate spots on my clothes and the charcoal gun resting in the passenger seat.

Just Write One Thing Today (Found it at Barnes & Noble)

This is a book I found in the bargain section of the a store and I am excited to go through the different prompts, keeping my creative juices working. Feel free to do the prompts with me! Just share a link to your post with them so I can read them!


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