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The snow-draped corridors carried the echoes of her footsteps as she made her way to the Throne Room. Thankfully she had time to clean up before her father had summoned her. Here I let my wild red locks reign free, bundled up into a loose ponytail with some flyaways framing my face. My glamour over my eyes was gone now, parading the ice blue eyes of an Abersin Royal. Blue eyes had vanished in the kingdom, except for the Royal Bloodline, or so my father said. I think he eradicated it from the people so anybody who saw us knew who we were.

The black folds of my dress shifted around the snow filling the corridor. I pulled my furs closer around my body to block out the winds of the cold. You would think the Ice Princess of Abersin would embrace the cold, but I have secrets the court does not know, secrets given to me by my mother, who my father killed as soon as he realized who he actually married–an unexpected enemy–that turned his daughter before he could stop her, but alas, he still is unaware of that fact.

The images of the night before rung in my head…the serpent…the battle with the infestation… I shivered at what I had to do to get out of that situation. Too much blood on my hands from last night, but I got him out.

The doors swung open before I needed to stop my stride and slammed shut as soon as I was out of range. Before me my father, the King of Abersin, lounged on his throne of ice and bone, listening to Drake, his advisor, finish up the reports from the other territories my father has conquered.

His same ice blue eyes shifted sharply toward me, causing me to inhale sharply as I made sure my mental walls were strong and shrouded from any detection from him or Drake.

“Awe, my Scarlet Shadow, was last night fruitful?” my father lazily asked, silencing Drake.

I met my father’s eyes with equal confidence and made my voice as smooth as ice, “Yes, I found my target, but somebody had to make things more complicated by sending a shadow serpent.”

I glared over at Drake, who’s darkness shivered when our eyes connected, but I continued, “Why?”

“I only sent it as back up,” Drake reassured me, but his eyes told me something else.

“Don’t lie,” I hissed through my teeth, sending ice up his body, crushing the darkness around him, “He awoke the infestation. I had to slaughter half of that alleyway.”

His eyes go wide in pain, “I swear…it my…lady!”

My father started laughing at the sight of our bickering, “Daughter, let him go. The infestation is nothing compared to what you are trained for.”

I reluctantly let him go, not letting them feel the fear I had last night as I fought, turning back to my father who continued, “What did you do with him?”

“I took him to the mind workers at the Ruins of Silence. They will send for me when they break him,” I lied, well, sort of a lie. They will contact me, but they are on my side–not the kings.

Drake’s darkness around him erupted, “You should have brought him straight to me!”

“Oh please! It would take you twice as long and we need him alive. You kill before you get everything.”

“She is right,” my father silenced his advisor, “You tend to kill too quickly sometimes.”

I gave Drake a smirk as my father continued, “Come to me as soon as we find the information. We are running out of time.”

I gave him a low curtsy, gave another smirk to Drake, and strutted out of the Throne Room with snow flying up behind me. Once the doors slammed shut and I was in the depths of the catacombs under the Abersin Ice Mountain Fortress, I allowed myself to relax slightly as I moved to the end of a tunnel that held my secret chambers my father knew not to try and find. Every royal child has them. It is a right of passage when they become their King’s assassin. Unlike all my predecessors, I use mine to find a way to destroy my father…


To Be Continued…

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