Day 7 | The Truth That Sets You Free

The truth that sets you free is God’s Word.

Annie F. Downs

How do we know this is true? Just go to the gospels and read the life of Jesus! How many times did he use Old Testament scripture to combat the lies and manipulation of the Pharisees and even Satan himself? Pretty much every single day, every single hour! God’s Word sets us free! The problem is we don’t use it every hour of our life like Jesus, but we need to.

100 Days to Brave-3I can think back to my middle and high school days when I believed the lies that I was ugly and worthless. How different would my story be if I believed in the the truth of God’s Word? It would have been set free from that much, much earlier! Now, I would not change my story for the world because it brought me to where I am now, but what I can do is use that story to show the power of God’s Word. Psalm 139:14 (yes, I use this verse a lot, but it is my life verse) broke my chains on the lies I let sit in my heart for so long. Scripture does this.

All of us have lies in our life, but it is time to set yourself free by the aid of God and His Word! Below is just a short list of truths that can help battle the lies attacking you! If you have a life verse that has helped you comment below! Tell us the verse and what it combats!

Keep Battling, Jesus is Right There Aiding You!




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