Young Adult Summer Reading List #1| Summer Romance

Summer is just around the corner and I am so ready to jump into my bathing suit and lay by the pool with a new book to read! Here are a few of my favorites I read during the summer. All of them get 5 stars in my book:


Second Star

A modern day version of Peter Pan set on the California coast. Wendy sets out to find her missing brothers, but on her journey she meets come interesting characters that if she doesn’t watch it could sweep her away.

The Lifeguard

Sirena is at her aunts for the summer and meets a lifeguard that is like no other! This summer becomes an unforgettable time of “obsession, discovery, and even miracles.”

Nantucket Blue

Cricket Thompson is spending the summer with her best friend and family, but there is a problem, she has a huge crush on her best friend’s brother. Summer is about it get complicated and exciting.

Five Summers

Four friends are seeing each other again at a summer camp reunion! They dive into past summers and what is happening in the present as they learn things about past summers they never knew would affect them so much…

Have you read them before? Comment about them below! And if you have others you would recommend comment below as well!

Enjoy Reading in the Sun,

Your Book Dragon,


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