Day 5 of 100 | Just Start

img_4657Just Start. So easier said than done. This should have been day 1 for me because to start this blog I needed the motivation to “Just Start” writing and sharing. Annie talks about how hard it is to start something that scares you. My writing has always scared me. What if I am not a good enough writer? What if my story isn’t well received? What will rejection feel like from publishing companies? These have been questions after questions plaguing my head, so I just keep putting off finishing that manuscript or I start another story thinking it will be better, when in reality I need to finish what I have started and take the brave steps to start sending it out.

I love Annie’s main quote for today (see pic above). She says that moment you take the first step in something courage starts to form so you continue taking those steps. I agree! Three weeks ago My roommate and I took the first steps to start working out and getting healthy. Three weeks later I am getting to the point that if I don’t wake up and go to the gym I feel off. It just took those first steps to get me started because at first I had all these lies plaguing my brain. What if others are there and they judge me on my current weight? Or what if I can’t loose the weight I want? Or what if I can’t do it? Taking the first steps to a more healthy lifestyle has started to cease those questions and lies in my head, because I am worthy and I can do it as long as I “Just Start” and take advice from a very famous fish “Just Keep Swimming.”

I truly believe too that once you start taking steps in areas of your life, you will want to take other first steps in new areas of your life. Like right now I am writing my fifth blog post for this challenge and wrote a couple others this week. This has been my most active week on my blog and I am excited that I took the first steps to do this, creating a healthy writing habit. Also, because I started writing for the blog again, I have been writing in my manuscripts again. I need to Just Start, so that way I can Just Start sending out finished manuscripts here in a month or so when I am done with it (writing a book is a looooooong process).

So here is my question to you today:

What do you need to Just Start? Tell us in the comments below!

As Always My Braves you have my love, my prayers, and my support,


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