Day 4 of 100 | Look for Brave

Day 4 QuoteToday I am overwhelmed (in a good way) about the topic of Annie’s devotional. Today she talked about looking for the brave out in the world. In our day of technology and social media selfishness is on the rise. We focus on us instead of focusing on others. So for the remainder of this post I am going to share with you three different projects I find Brave I have seen start to grow around me:

1. Lyla’s Fruit of the Spirit Bags

This fourth grade girl in my church has a heart for others and has taken the brave steps to show it! A couple years ago she started a charity where she collects resources and items to make bags for kids who’s families can’t always afford the essentials. Here is her post on her facebook page for this coming year (she does it a couple times a year):

Getting ready to put together our next round of Fruit of the Spirit bags! If you’d like to donate supplies or funds to get supplies for bags, you can message us here! 100% of your donation goes into the bags and includes snacks, toiletries, and items we’ve heard are usually requested, (like socks!) Each bag has about $20 worth of items. We are always on the lookout for good deals to be able to provide more, so let us know if you see good deals out there!!

This girl’s brave heart to reach out into her community and do something about what she sees is inspiring, no? If you live in the Fort Wayne area and want to help her out by donating go to her facebook page: Lyla’s Fruit of the Spirit Bags and contact her mom to get more details!

2. Satellite Project

Satellite Project was a vision from a guy named Rees, who looked around our city and saw that connection between churches is something we are missing, especially for young adults! He had a vision to create a website/app where churches from all around could post their young adult events, so if a young adult wanted to find a place to connect, especially if they are new to town, they could go on the Satellite Project website/app and find out what is happening.

This vision has become a reality as they launched a couple months ago. It is still in the beginning stages, but the determination and vision that God has given Rees and the rest of his team is sure to launch forward as a ministry.

How cool and brave is this? Connecting churches of different denominations? Yeah, for anyone who understands some of the”rivalries” of denominations this is a BRAVE move. He has definitely inspired me!

Want more info on the Satellite Project? Check it out: HERE.

3. The Things We Love Podcast

My friend Colin, has started a podcast with his friends to talk about the things people love. It is great video based podcast that is interactive, informative, and just plain fun! Now, why do I find this brave? Because in the midst of our negative world, this podcast shines a positive light and it is up on youtube for the world to see! Let’s be honest our world is critical and brutal to things they don’t like and Colin is being brave by still letting the world see him and friend!

His bravery has inspired me to go through with the vlog that I have been putting off doing for months now!

You really should check out Colin, Kiljan, and Daniel, especially if you love lots of things Nerd/Geek! Here is their youtube channel: The Things We Love Podcast.


Have you seen brave people around you that inspires you? Tell us about them in the comments below!

As Always, Have a great day my Braves,


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