Day 3 of 100 | You Are Braver Than You Know

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying “This is the way; walk in it.”

Isaiah 30:21 NIV

I wanted to start this post today with this verse because it sums up our walk with God no matter where we are in our faith.

enlight60One of the toughest and bravest things I have done is come home. Like Annie in the devotion of the book, I was living in an awesome city with great people and a great church. I fell in love with the City of Lakeland, FL and God blessed me with almost 7 years there, but what I didn’t know was God had a plan that didn’t involve me staying there with long grown roots. It was just a chapter and in the spring of 2012 God revealed his plan, well a small portion. The problem was I am a stubborn Kreager who put up a brick wall and yelled “I’M NOT LEAVING!”

I waged war with God for six months, six months of facing on my face, six months of struggles, and six months of tears. It took one visit back in Indiana to hear God’s voice say “Go home.” It’s like he knew he needed to let me fall apart to see what I needed to do. So I did the bravest thing I ever thought possible for me: pack up and go home. It isn’t like I had a bad home life — my parents were great! What it was, was walking back into the town I ran away from all those years ago and the painful memories I didn’t want to face. I will tell you I felt the same way Annie felt:

I Never Felt Brave…

I remember just crying in the bedroom my parents had for me…which wasn’t my own…no that was taken over by my younger brother. I remember crying out to God asking why he would bring me back here? What plan would he have for me here?

I had to take it day after day. I had to find my footing. I had to find God’s footsteps for me again, fighting my way out of the jungle that I lost myself in for so long. I had to find the courage to continue to say yes to God.

Six years later and I am thankful I took the brave steps home. I am thankful I didn’t continue to fight and fall on my face. I am thankful God had patience with me. It is funny because the chapter is called you are braver than you know and the journal entry is supposed to be about two or three things or moments you or someone else would label brave. I am going to share my three:

  1. Leave home at 18 to another state
  2. Come back home
  3. Walk into Student Ministry

What is really funny is that all three of those things I once said as a teenager that I would NEVER do. Don’t ever tell God you are never going to do something. It might be the next step in finding your courage through God.

So what are two or three things that you have done that are considered Brave, even if you don’t think they are? Comment below! I would love to see them!

Keep Taking It Day by Day my Braves, AshleyDannie

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