Only for a Time | A Friday Fictioneer Piece

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

We found it toppled over in the park. We waited, but nobody fixed it, so we decided to give it a new home, new life. Placed in the backyard we played for hours, flicking the frisbees just right, hoping they would land in the basket or through the chains. It took weeks for us to get good at it. Then we moved on to trying trick shots. Another week or twos worth of entertainment.

Once we hit that goal we didn’t know what else to do, then a new multi-player game came out. New challenge accepted. Now, it sits there–lifeless again.

Word Count: 100

13 Thoughts

  1. The lure of the new is made more and more enticing by manufacturers. Apparently some video games tap directly into the brain’s reward centre – and the game’s designers deliberately design it to do that. That’s becoming rather abusive I think – or maybe I’m just an old fogey?
    I enjoyed your story. You painted a good picture of the kids and their short-lived obsession.

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