Day 1 of 100 | What is Brave?

Day 1 QuoteEveryone thinks they have a definition for what brave is. The most common today is superheroes. I mean who wouldn’t want to have the powers of Wonder Woman and the looks to boot? I know I would! But we think that charging into battle is the only way to be brave. Its Not.

Brave is a little child going over to another child and getting to know them. Brave is a parent putting their foot down when their teenager crosses a line, and screams how they hate them. Brave is the senior who moves out of the nest to go to college outside their hometown. Heck, brave is going to college.

There are so many other examples of being brave. The thing is the moments when we need to be brave we think if we still are afraid than bravery won’t come, but that is wrong.

Courage is doing things even when you’re scared. –Annie Downs

How many times have we had the chance to do something brave and fear creeps up, destroying the thought? How many times has God called you to show or talk about His love and sin stops you in your tracks because what if they laugh at you? I love what Annie said in Day 1:

Being brave is hearing that voice of fear in your head, but saying “Okay, but the truth is, God made me on purpose and for a purpose.”

We need to remind ourselves of truths that God has given us. Isaiah 41:13 NIV says:

For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”

Ladies! Gentlemen! We have GOD ON OUR SIDE! He sent his one and only son to fight sin and guess what? He defeated it! We might hear the whispers of fear, but we can walk into brave moments knowing the creator of the universe is right there with us, cheering us on, and giving us the best strength in the world–HIS!

As we walk through this journey together, I pray we can walk through the fear and into the brave moments, leaning on God, because if we can do that God is going to show up in ways we probably never thought possible!

So here is Annie’s first challenge: Who are you going to tell?

I am telling you guys! I am letting the world know that I want to be brave and follow the footsteps God has put before me, leading me into the unknown, well, not the unknown for God. 🙂

So comment below: Who is taking this journey with me? And Who are you gonna tell?

Yours Truly,


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