My Journey through 100 Days to Brave | 100 Day Challenge Blog

For a professional procrastinator taking on a 100 day challenge might seem like a fish saying it is going to walk on dry land–impossible! Normally, I would say that too but the cool thing is I know a God who does the impossible and something I recently was reminded was that when I feel like I can’t do something I need to remember God can! So I am not only using my blog here as an outlet for my thoughts from day to day, but as an accountability and if you are the random person who enjoys reading these and see that I am…well…procrastinating shot me a comment or an email yelling at me to get my butt in gear.

Now, you might be asking,

AshleyDannie, what is the challenge consist of?

Glad you asked! Starting, well, today I am going to work through Annie Downs devo book 100 Days to Brave! Each day is a two page devo about something to do with working towards a braver you–which I TOTALLY need!

The thing is I don’t think I am the only one! So if you are interested in doing the challenge as well pick up the book on amazon or your local bookstore and join me!

I am excited to see how God speaks to me through this challenge I have given myself. ❤️ So pull on those cowboy boots, climb up into the saddle and prepare yourself for one heck of an adventure!


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