Surviving Disney Withdraw in a Midwest Winter │Undercover Disney Jedi Princess Blog

The Withdraw

Answer these 5 questions with a Yes or No:

  1. Have you had a Disney Dream of late?
  2. Have you made Disney shaped food for breakfast?
  3. Have you constantly worn your disney apparel out of the house?
  4. Have you randomly burst out in disney song?
  5. Have you found yourself going through your recent Disney Vacation pictures more than once a week?

What it Means:

Answered Yes 1 out of 5 –> No Withdraw. Do stage 1 for good measure.

Answered Yes 2 out of 5 –> You are missing Disney, but no withdraw yet.

Answered Yes 3 out of 5 –> You are borderline. Start taking precautious remedies.

Answered Yes 4 out of 5 –> You are in withdraw.

Answered Yes 5 out of 5 –> You are in full blown withdraw. Good Luck.

The Remedy

Stage One (Answered Yes to 2)

Stage one is for the one who are missing Disney, but have no true withdraw symptoms. Stage one only really needs to do these suggested things periodically (once a month or so) to keep away from the advancement into withdraw.

  1. Turn on your favorite Disney playlist,
  2. Turn on a TV series off of Disney Channel, or
  3. Watch your favorite Disney movie you own or one of the many available on Netflix or Hulu.

Stage one is a pretty easy stage to manage, but if you let it go without filling your Disney cup you will move into the next stages.

Stage Two (Answered Yes to 3)

Stage two is just taking stage one and amplifying it with doing a WEEKLY Disney activity of some sort. Other activities other than the ones suggested in stage one can be:

  1. Scrapbooking your favorite Disney photo memories,
  2. Binging your favorite Disney Channel series or Disney Movies (Lets be real most Disney movies have at least two or three to binge watch),
  3. Read a Disney inspired blog, or
  4. Read a Disney inspired book.

Stage Three (Answered Yes to 4 or 5)

Thing about stage three is it is inevitable after stage two, because once you are start doing things weekly in the realm of Disney you want more. Stage three means you need to immerse your life in Disney daily, whether it is movie, tv show, blog, mickey-shaped food, and so much more. But by stage three you need to do these things(if you haven’t already started):

  1. Start a Disney-Inspired Blog/Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr/Etc Social Media Site to divulge everything Disney out of your System, or
  2. Constantly wear something Disney, whether it is clothing, purse, shoes, accessories, etc,

But lets be real. Stage Three are my Crazy Disney Lovers whose heart beats in the shape of the Magic Kingdom Castle and normally have never truly experienced stages one or two. These Disney Lovers just need to do this to fill your Disney Cup:

  1. Move to Orlando Area,
  2. Buy an Annual Pass,
  3. Or get a job with Disney so you don’t need the pass, and
  4. go whenever you are not working or otherwise engaged.

That is the dream, right? I know it is mine. So good luck to all my Disney Loving Withdrawers as you figure out how to fill your Disney cup. Because until I can leave the snowy gloom of Indiana I will continue to do 1 and 2 of Stage Three until I can afford to go down again.

Your Undercover Disney Jedi Princess,


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