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One of my favorite things to do is to create characters for my short stories and novel ideas. Something about putting together a physical, mental, and emotional collection of ideas into a character that a reader could someday become attached to gives me a thrill! Although developing and creating characters sometimes isn’t the easiest thing in the world either. I am going to share some PDFs of examples of how I try to start to think of my characters.


Character Creation PDF

Here are some great websites I use when answering some of these questions:

  1. Baby Center Name Search (This is a great site to search for names if you don’t know what to name your character, especially if you need to find a name meaning something specific.
  2. Seventh Sanctum Generators (This has many different generators to get the ideas flowing. I use this for characters, setting, items, buildings, etc. Also this is great for Sci-Fi and Fantasy writers!)
  3. Fantasy Name Generators (Another great generator site! It has things for fantasy and realistic fiction!)
  4. Polyvore (This is a fashion website, but it allows me to create outfits to see a visual of what my characters would probably wear)
  5. Primary Characteristics (This website has over 800 different types of characteristics. This is a great resource for trying to find characteristics for your character).


Happy Writing!


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