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Shipshewana is a place teeming with Amish buggies, Amish Peanut Butter, Amish food, and homemade crafts. If you live in the NE corner of Indiana you go at least once a summer–if not more–because what is a summer in Indiana without taking in the Amish filled community. If you are obsessed with Shipshe(wana) then you aren’t finished visiting the community until after the fall season and the Craft Fair is a great one to have on the docket. I mean any shop you go there will naturally have some fall and winter crafts out for summer purchase, but the craft fair is 80% filled with fall, Halloween, winter, and Christmas decor. Including visiting the year-round shops on the main streets of the town, the craft fair pitches up 5 different, huge tents for vendors of all types to sell their products for three fun filled days.

What I loved about the fair is the kid tent area where there was face painting, crafting, and even a petting zoo of farm animals for the little ones to take part in. Then in the main stage tent there were local bands and singers entertaining the crowd as you walked up and down Food Alley. How can you not stop for an elephant ear or a large bag of kettle corn because it is the last time to enjoy all these amazing sweets in the nice weather.

Sadly the fair ended today, but it happens every year so if you want more information check out their website. Click here to visit it.

Some of the cool crafts I found at the fair I want to try and put share with you (when my schedule allows me) are as follows:

  1. Flowers made by shells off the beaches.
  2. Book folding to create words with the pages. (I will have to find a book I don’t mind bending the pages…this will be hard)
  3.  Paper folding/rolling Portraits.


If you have ever went to the craft fair share your favorite thing you have ever found there in the comments below!

Craft Away Friends,


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