Essential Apps I Use for Website/Graphic Design On the Go │ Hobby Life Blog

Apps I Use


Pixabay is a free photo app that allows you to search for what you need and download the pictures with free copyrights. There are over 10,000 pictures to chose from, so whatever your needs — Blog graphic, header image, icons, etc — you will be able to find what you need!

Adobe Capture

Now if you have an adobe account, you can get the adobe capture app which takes a picture of something and gives you the color codes in the picture!

Adobe Lightroom

If you don’t pay for adobe through their website this is a limited app and there are other decent free photo editing apps you can find, but I use Photoshop and Lightroom on my Mac, so Lightroom on my phone is a great tool I can quickly use if I need to edit a photo I want to post. (Look into PicTapGo [the free version] or LightX [free version]).

Enlight or Photofox [Enlight 2]

This is an app you can get for free or pay $4ish bucks for the full version. It is a great editing tool as well, but I love using it for it’s photo mixer and border features. I never thought I would need to mix photos together very much, but I do and Enlight and Photofox are great tools to use!

So what do you use to do Website/Graphic Design? And what platform do you use? Blogger? Wix? WordPress? Comment below!!!


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