Going Gluten-Free: A Continuous Personal Journey │ Food & Health Blog

It is no surprise that in this world being overweight and eating poorly is one of the biggest concerns in the health world. Honestly it has never been a big concern of mine. I eat what I want, when I want, and darn the consequences. I am comfortable with who I am and I love my curves, the lumpy ones and the smooth ones.

What hit me was my last birthday–Big Old 29. Not a milestone but close enough to my next one to realize that I need to start taking care of my health. My family, on both sides, have their issues and coming up on 30 means I need to (should have been all along) start taking care of myself in how I eat and daily exercise. So here are my goals to hit before May 12th, 2018:

  1. Go Gluten-Free. This is a choice because it is likely I am gluten intolerant and it is just better for me.
  2. Start a exercise regiment of some sort. Whether it be three or four times a week such as walking, a “pinterest” morning regiment, or going to my apartment gym.
  3. Take better care of myself in the sense of getting enough sleep, taking me time away from work, etc.

I know not a very long list, but a short list means less anxiety for me.

I do want to make myself clear about something. I am NOT doing this because of social or media pressures on how a woman my age should look. I am NOT doing this for a guy or a job. I am NOT doing this because I don’t feel pretty.

None of those things are factors in my decision.

I am doing this for me.

I know I am not the only one who is walking into a season where you have to do something for yourself that is challenging. Tell me about what you are doing for YOURSELF in the comments below!

Sending Love Your Way,


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