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Writing Cue #1
The sun rose with brilliant yellows and oranges warming the Earth from the cool night, absorbing the dew from the atmosphere to be stored and reapplied the next morning. The wildwood critters started scurrying out of their holes into another day of life in the forest. A white stallion, saddled in its finest, carried yet another prince through the winding paths that are there to confuse the rider, especially the ones looking for the tower.

The tower sits deep in the forest, but off to the south a little more. The whole centered in the forest takes away the challenge of actually finding it. The old stone bricks are hidden from the extensive moss crawling up its side. Although, if one would look closely, they would discover massive rips in the moss like claws tearing it apart. Also, the moss towards the top of the tower, right below the base of the floor, thickens and when examined closely, looks as if it breathes.

The door at the base is clear of the moss, but only because of the many men trying to open it. Way above, in the tower room a single window, big enough for a person to sit on the ledge of it, sits open but covered with thick layers of curtains. The blue shingled roof is slightly scarred and fading from the years of sunlight and fire.

The Prince riding through the forest this time wore his chestnut hair long and pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. He displayed his royal status with the sash he had across his chest. To display being royalty in this forest meant much risk, but he liked his chances. For like every Prince wandering in these woods, he searched for the lost princess guarded in the tall tower. After much searching and tricking from the path spirits, who are in charge of delaying the princes, he emerged in the small clearing that held the single tower.

Tales of the princesses beauty had intrigued the prince and he was ready to save her.

“Fair maiden up in the tall tower, come to the window so I can save you this fine hour.”

Tucked away in a rocking chair by an unlit stone fireplace rocked the princess of legend. Her curly brown hair wrapped up in a top bun as fly aways peeked out in every which way. She wore a simple blue a-line dress she made on her own, which you could tell because her stitching was quite amateur. Her muddy brown eyes were focused on one of her favorite books. The sound the prince pulled her away from her favorite part — the moment when the kick-butt heroine was going to save the day.

She groaned as she walked over to the window. She threw back the curtains and looked down toward the handsome prince.

“What do you want?” she hollered down.

The prince looked very confused, then with arms raised and confident, “I am here to save you from this tower!”

The princess rolled her eyes and rested her arms on the window sill by crossing them and kneeling on the floor, “Who said I want to be rescued?”

“But…but…aren’t you a princess?” the Prince asked.


“And…aren’t you stuck…up there?” the Prince asked again.

“In a manner of speaking.”

He looked up at her even more bewildered, “And where is your long blonde hair?”

“Seriously?” the princess smacked her forehead, “That princess is in the tower on the North side of the forest. Move along.”

“Oh,” the prince looked around, seeing what he should do, “But you know I am here I might as well save you.”

“Oh, perfect. Just what a girl wants — to be the second choice,” she screamed into the air, “JADE!”

The breathing moss morphed into green scales and unwrapped from the tower leaving a dragon shaped spot. The dragon took off into the air and flipped around, diving toward the prince. Speaking of that handsome man, the girliest shrill came from his vocal chords as he ran after his racing horse.

The dragon, Jade, landed at the foot of the tower, laughing at the fleeing prince, “It gets me every time.”

The princess giggled, “I agree.”

She recovered the window and curled back up in her rocking chair, picking back up her book as she finished the adventurous tale of a warrior princess she always has dreamed to be…

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