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Top Ten Magic Kingdom Attractions



10) Character Meet & Greets: Standing in line to meet your favorite characters is an amazing experience, especially for the young ones. There are so many to choose from, but always make sure you go to see Mickey & Minnie.


maxresdefault9) People Mover: Need a break? People Mover is the best ride to relax, see some of Tomorrow Land from the comforts of a moving train in the sky. It cools you off and gives you rest from the sun. Also, you get an inside look at Space Mountain! To be honest, I have even slept on this one and my friends and I have ridden this ride 4 or 5 times in a row because of the pouring rain.

walt-disney-carousel-of-progress-008) Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress: Most of you are saying: “Really? Carousel of Progress? Are you kidding me?” No, I am not. This is Walt’s first ride and I have so much respect for going through the decades with the Smiths. It reminds me of how Disney started and I don’t ever want to forget that. Yes, it all started with a mouse, but we have progressed, right? So don’t forget to pay homage to the late amazing Walt Disney and see his first show ever.

226502_504406454428_8401_n7) Prince Charming Regal Carrousel: Even as an adult I have a sense of nostalgia when I get on the carousel. For some reason riding on top of a fake majestic horse in the view of Cinderella’s Castle makes one feel like a princess because come on every girl who goes to Disney is 99.999% sure we are secretly Disney Princesses.



1909721_528447755468_4298993_n6) Pirates of the Caribbean: What else is better than going on a ride to find exact replicas of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow? Now, I have always LOVED this ride, even before Pirates of the Caribbean movies came out, but let’s be honest Jack Sparrow is the biggest reason we love pirates nowadays and I will never regret it.


vtm289574large5) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: Definitely the “Wildest Ride in the Wilderness” and will always have my heart. Best time to ride? Wait until it is dark outside and the park is lit up or even when the fireworks are going on. It is the most beautiful sight you will see as you are cruising in a runaway train in the wild. I will say though if you are going to ride try and get in the back—more of a thrill than the front.

10400295_505164330638_5685_n4) Haunted Mansion: Want to be a little creeped out? Well, this is the attraction for you. Even though now I know all the tricks of the ride to set my heart beating, it still gets me. I will admit I am the annoying Disney World junkie who whispers the introduction speech from our Ghost Host in the room with no doors or windows, but there are still some parts that chill me to the bones. Madame Leota chanting her spells pop out ghouls in the graveyard, and ax murdering ghost brides in the attic? Yup. I think I will hold off on sending in my application to be the 1000th resident. Maybe they will take my brother off my hands? Kidding…maybe…

space-mountain-003) Space Mountain! Always a favorite I will never get sick of! Set in the future, you get to go on a space adventure with a lot of turns and dips! This ride is now in the pitch black, which is a change when they refurbished it a few years ago. Also, Space Mountain is the ride where you get to play GAMES while you wait in line! What an upgrade! I will say Space Mountain will always have a place in my heart because of the many fun times and inside jokes my friends and I have while riding it. “To the left; to the left…”

dsc_97192) Fireworks! The end of the day fireworks show is the best to watch! Jiminy Cricket, the Blue Fairy, Mickey Mouse, the Villains, and Tinkerbell flying from the castle! What else could end such an amazing day?

Disney's Magic Kingdom - Main Street, USA.



1) Walking Down Main Street: Okay technically this isn’t an attraction, but it is a must whenever I walk into the Magic Kingdom. My favorite experience that I can’t wait to do in December is enter Magic Kingdom and walk down Main Street, U.S.A. I know many people see that walk as just extra length to the rides, but there is something magical meandering past the shops in the full view of Cinderella’s Castle. That is the moment I know I am home. Every time I get to the spot in the circle and see all of Main Street and the Castle I have to stop, take a deep breath, and savor the fact I am in the Magic Kingdom. There is no other amazing way to start!

If I missed a favorite attraction of yours leave a comment below!!!!

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