I Feel Old…Thanks Class of 2017

I’m not old. I know that statement rings true. I mean I am only 29 and I still have a whole year before I hit 30.


But….such a horrible word–but–which holds so much meaning and destruction. “I like you, but…” “You have great qualifications, but…” “I see that you tried, but…” That list could go on and on with the ‘buts’ in the world.

You’re probably thinking, “What kind of but do you have? You are young and have your whole life ahead of you!”

My ‘but’ is simple –> Kids. No I don’t have my own kids I birthed from the womb, but for the past five school years, I have walked alongside many, many middle schoolers through small groups and events. When you count back five years ago, the first group I started with were 8th graders. Fast forward to this year, those 8th graders have just graduated high school.

There’s nothing that will make you look at your age than kids you knew becoming adults.

I know what my parents felt now. The girls and boys I have come to care for are walking into the world without the shelter of our youth group, without the watchful eyes of their leaders. I am a parent watching my first borns walk out into the world and start their college adventure.

I honestly feel bad for my blood-related children, because if my motherly protective senses are going crazy now, I can only imagine what I will be like with them.

So God, give them the strength to make the right decisions, the patience to wait on your timing, the peace in times of trouble, safety as they walk in this new brave world, and the  Holy Spirit to warn them when they are straying from your path for them. Thank you God for the years I have known them and the years to come.  Amen.

~Ashley Dannie~IMG_0131IMG_0174IMG_02092012.221

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