“Dreamy Far-Off Look & A Nose Stuck in a Book”

Defining the Bookworms of the World

Tumblr.com com has this amazing blog called: Bookfessions. I have never seen it before in my life until today and I instantly fell in love. I grew up reading and reading and reading. 95% of the time my parents truly wonder how they ended up with such a bookworm when both of my parents are more logical and mathematical. Even my brother, who does like to read, has an aptitude for the sciences than I. You put a mathematical equation in front of me and my whole body cringes. Now, I am not saying I didn’t do well in math; I did–until Pre-Calculus, but when I am constantly studying it every day I retain it fine. Once I stop it goes far, far away to a galaxy hidden among the stars.

The one category of knowledge which doesn’t leave are books. You can ask me about a book I read in Middle School and still be able to tell you the main character names, the plot progress and a few minor details that many readers don’t even pick up. I do this in front of my parents a lot in conversation and my dad just gives me the blankest stare, which is quite fun to watch.

So going through Bookfessions fills my heart with so much joy because it gives me the warm feeling that I am not alone in my world of fiction. This tumblr has 1068 confessions of a bookaholic! I have only read the first hundred and I found myself saying “Yup” and “I so do that!” What is it about coming together has a community that brings the emotions to the surface? Well, it is probably because us bookworms have a tendency to be over-emotional anyways. And if you are a lover of books and disagree with that statement you aren’t reading right.

So I started to wonder: “What do I think are the major characteristics of a bookworm/nerd/holic?” I mean I am one and I need something to help define myself because I am tired of trying to make them understand on the spot. This way when I am reading my book and they try to ask me why I read, instead of looking at them with hatred while I try to explain it without killing them I can say four simple words: “It’s on my blog.”

So here we go. Let’s define us

  1. We emotionally attach ourselves to characters, plotlines, and places of the novel itself.
    • Trust me! If you tell a bookaholic it is stupid to breakdown about a character’s death you will be flogged and shunned, especially if you are family.
  2. We ALWAYS have a book of some type on us. This is why we need big purses, because of our multiple books.
    • A sub-definition of this law of bookworms is you will find us reading ANYWHERE.
      • Road Trips
      • Beach
      • During a Meal
      • Work Break
      • Walking down the sidewalk (Yes it can be done without killing you or someone else. I know I did it all through college going from class to class)
      • Even you can find us bookaholics reading while in line at Disney World or any other long line at amusement parks. (Again, it does happen! I do it all the time when I am having a me day at Disney. Don’t Judge)
  3. When you ask us if we want to go shopping, you better be prepared for spend at least two hours in whatever bookstore is near the shops. If you tell us no then we won’t be shopping with you–ever!
  4. This rule mostly applies to the YA Lit Junkies:  Once attachment to a book occurs multiple times by multiple readers a Fandom is born.
    • Google defines Fandom as “the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc., regarded collectively as a community or subculture.”
      • Examples you will never escape: Harry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, John Green, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and others, but never Twilight. Twilight must be purged. (And yes I have full rights to say this because I have read and seen all the books and movies, so yes I can make a comment on them.)
  5. We are a loyal people…well loyal to characters and authors who we have grown to know and love through the words we read on their pages.
    • How to gain our loyalty?
      • Love reading
      • Appreciate our Fandoms
      • Understand our sudden outbursts when our fandom emerges in conversation
      • NEVER tell us the movie is better
      • Giving us a gift? Books and more books and maybe throw in a book gift card or a bookshelf for the books you have boughten me.
  6. We are a sleep-deprived people. If you have to ask why you just need to walk away.
  7. If you are a girl, your favorite Disney princess is Belle. I mean have you seen her library!?
  8. Lastly, being a lover of books is a part of who we are. Yes, there are rules, which are more “like guidelines than actual rules” (Pirates of the Caribbean). And yes these seven above only scratched the surface of being a bookaholic, but each reader is different and unique in their own way. If you are blessed to have this love or to love someone like us, don’t take them for granted, because we are more than nerds with our noses’ stuck in a book. We are Imaginative, Fierce, Passionate, Loyal people who grab hold of life any way we can!

~AshleyDannie the BookDragon!~

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