Location, Location, Location!

Everyone has their different ways of finding the right photo spot. Here are three of my major items that I go over with myself or my clients when choosing location:

  1. Pick what kind of theme and color scheme you desire. Once you have those picked, it will give you more of a guide to picking out a spot.
    • For example: If you want a more rustic or country theme to go with your home decor, go with a farm location or fields or even park/nature.
    • Another example: If you go with more vibrant, summer colors, a great place could be a beach or lake or again the park.
    • Third example: If you are looking for more formal pictures you might want to go to the theater or use a photographer with a portrait studio.
    • Other Great locations: Downtown for an urban look, your home for a cozy look, a gym for the sport lovers, or even a train station/abandoned train tracks.
    • You can find great locations in your area with many different websites. The one I like is: Shot Hotspots
  2. Think about the Lighting.
    • Many photographers love to use natural light, so many won’t have a full set up of extra lighting for the shoot.
    • Does your location have a lot of natural lighting? If not natural, does it have a lot of lighting or a lot of shadow areas? If you are concerned with the lighting talk to your photographer–they can help.
  3. Is There a lot of Clutter?
    • Clutter can be anything. From crowds of people to too much distraction in the background. This is key to think about!
    • If there are a lot of crowds, are you okay with them in the background? If not think of a different place, because relaying on your photographer to edit them out isn’t always the wisest. Yes, we have magic programs, but unless we are getting back very big bucks we probably don’t have the advance software to get rid of them.
    • To much distraction in the background can be props or items of any type. If you want to use the distraction to your advantage for posing that is great! But if you know your little ones would rather play on the playground instead of take pictures on it you might want to avoid it as a place for photos.

Many other great photographers have strong ideas for choosing your location. Want more resources check them out:

  1. Kristen Duke Photography
  2. Linda Morrow Photography
  3. Crystal Wilkerson Photography

Have a location picked out, but need a photographer and live in the northeast corner of Indiana? contact me at: Stories & Memories by AshleyDannie. I would love to have a consultation with you and set up a session to capture your memories!


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